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The adventure starts in the lands of the Shackles. (Show map) In the city of Port Peril in a seedy bar called the Formidably Maid. Two Tian human males enter the bar to see an unscrupulous ragtag picture of patrons drinking and bustling around. The two take seats at a table close to the two odd individuals. One a tall thick muscled lizardman and the other a short goblin, both of whom were sailors looking for hire on to a new ship. The two Tian men Fung Shue and Yamomoto Nightwind surveyed the crowd. They were here trying to hide themselves from an assassin who pursed them from the far reaches of their distant homeland of Tian Shaw. The assassin was hunting Fung as he was the last in line for the local Lordship and both he and his friend Yamomoto had witness the evil man poisoning the crops of the province.

They had sailed to the far reaches of Golarion, but had been unable to evade his pursuit. They now entered this dive looking for passage on a ship to some other remote land. At the table closest to the lizard and goblin and large burly man began to boost loudly how he had gain new treasures and announced drinks all around on him. Soon everyone in the bar a tankard of beer or wine paid for by the large man.

It wasn’t long after imbibing the drinks that he bumped into the liardman and his friends stood to teach the lizard some manners. A brawl soon started and the two Tian men were involved as well as a beautiful young maiden named (Lori).

As tooth, claw and fist flew the patrons soon began to feel some odd effects of the drink. Blackness overtook most and soon the two Tian men, the goblin, the lizardman and the young female assed out as well as four others from some type of drug.

In the back of the bar a man named Master Scourge stepped forward and had his crewmates pick up the passed out patrons and brought them to his ship, the Wormwood.

Soon the party awoke in the bilge hold with raging headaches. The Lizardman, named Camion Wildeyes voiced that the effects were similar to the drug, oil of taggit. As the others contemplated this, loud footsteps grew near and the trapdoor above them opened and Master Scourge entered with six other pirates. They told the captives that they were now a part of the pirate crew of the Wormwood and their new Boss was Captain Barrnabas Harrigan.

They soon learned the ropes and were assigned various jobs aboard the ship. The goblin, Feces Shitstain soon showed his great ability at climbing and was assigned as a rigger. He found that being a goblin amongst pirates wasn’t such an easy transition and soon he had a group picking on him. Trying to make him miss his appointed times on deck.

The Tian man Yomomoto befriended a female sailor named Jan Magpie and even helped her to distribute the daily ration of rum. He soon offered his ration to her and they swiftly became comrades. Although the next day Master Scourge and Mr. Plugg, the first mate grabbed her the next morning and accused her of stealing that second ration of rum. In the end they presented her to the crew and told them how she “admitted” to the crime and was then tied up and cast over the side and keelhauled. Her death was a violent reminder that they were now on a dangerous ship.

The 1st mate found that the bilge was infested with some creatures and sent the new pirates to rid the ship of the vermin. The party found that the ship had dire rats and fought until they were cleared. That night as entertainment the 1st mates “pet” a mwagin man called Owlbear was brought up on deck and Mr. Plugg offered 100gp to any of the party that could take him on in a bare-knuckled fight.

Yomomoto stepped into the ring and began to show the crew his trained martial arts and was holding his own versus the hulking brute, but one misstep by the small Tian man and Owlbear got in a kick between the monks legs. He felled the man in a kick and the pirates laughed and cheered for Owlbear.

The next few days went by uneventfully with the party doing their daily jobs until Mr. Plugg brought them on deck and showed them a reef off the ships stern about 200 feet. He handed them crab pots and said that the captain wanted crab to eat for tonight and they were to swim out and catch 4 crabs each. While out among the reef they spotted a hammerhead shark making its way towards them. It soon became aggressive and attacked Lori, but Camion the lizardman swam in to rescue her as Yomamoto and feces swam away towards the ship.

Lori tried to stab at the shark while camion bit and clawed its flank. They soon took down the beast and camion drug it back as well as the crabs. They were able to win some favor with the crew for the shark meat that night. The next morning saw some of the crew scheming to assault Feces. Master Scourge told Feces to go to the bilge with two other crewmen to help bilge pump. As soon as he was alone with the two pirates they drew daggers and tried to wrestle him down. He managed to escape and grabbed away one of their daggers. He ended up killing both of the men and searched them for treasures.

Once secured, the goblin made his way to the deck and called for help as he was bleeding. Master Scourge was waiting and stepped out to accuse Feces of killing the men, the goblin admitted to killing one and gave back the mans belongings. Master Scourge grabbed the goblin and brought him before the rest of the crew telling them that the goblin admitted to killing and stealing aboard the ship.

Soon they put the goblin in the sweatbox on deck and he was going to be keelhauled in the morning. In the early morning as they prepared to tie the goblin up the lookout spotted ships sail. The captain was called on deck and ordered all hands to stations. The goblins keelhauling was belayed and he was sent to the rigging. The Wormwood soon caught up to the merchant ship and prepared to overtake it.

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